Cocktails + Coloring with Sydia B.

Featured on TheUrbanRealist


When’s the last time you picked up a coloring book and let your imagination run wild? The most unsuspected pairing- Coloring & Cocktails- is a hit for many reasons; but entrepreneur Sydia Bell made it fabulous for reasons beyond the obvious. On a sunny April Saturday in Atlanta, she drew a crowd of people into Foster ATL for delicious cocktails and brunch, to enjoy while coloring. The turnout was so great, that every available seat sold-out early.

Sydia’s warm energy and vibrant personality worked it’s magic at connecting strangers to create an environment that exuded comfort and welcoming. As the guests gathered around the tables and enjoyed cocktails and brunch beforehand, we couldn’t help but beg the question- what is the magic behind cocktails and coloring? As unsuspecting as it seems, we know them both to have calming effects, allowing us to unwind and drift off to the fantasy land we created in our minds long ago. Sydia says “Just as much as you need money, you need hobbies and interests, and that’s what we give you. An hour or two out of your week just for you.” But it wasn’t your average drinks and mingling, Sydia prompted questions that really got the wheels of our minds turning and leading our thought process to embark on a journey of self- actualization.

It really isn’t just about coloring and cocktails- it’s about connecting with a place of imagination and objectively reflecting on areas of our life that could use our attention- without forcing it. It wasn’t surprising that in a room full of adults caught up in the 9-5 life, most admitted that they hadn’t colored in years; one lady even mentioned she hadn’t colored since she was six years old. Sydia is eloquent in words of wisdom and inspiration that naturally radiates because she wants to see others win at life.

“If you know the parameters that are set for yourself, you can decide to incorporate creativity into your life.”

Sydia is a visionary and a self- proclaimed “contemporary-creative.” An accurate term that describes many of us who contribute to artistic styles but don’t pick up paint brushes or sing songs to share their stories with the world. She reinforces the idea that creativity isn’t all about you creating something; spreading word of mouth and sharing wealth is equally as important and creative. She even offered her major key to the nail scene in ATL- Buff nail bar at WAX studios and the intimate experience she gets there that keeps her loyalty to them exclusively. Sydia’s support system was in attendance and a true example of ‘Women Supporting Women.’ They are all beautiful, educated, and empowered women, that strive to make a difference in the world but don’t forget to be cheerleaders for the people closest to them.

If you missed this one, no worries- Sydia is planning another event called ‘Mommy & Me’ in May 2016. The coloring pages will be from the childrens book- I Love my Hair by Andrea pippins, highlighting natural hair styles and images of beautiful girls of color- and yes there will be wine or what she refers to as “mom-juice” for the adults. If you have a little one, or maybe you’re just an awesome Auntie, plan to get your tickets early and follow her on Instagram for more details @sydiab. The attendees at her events are all different ages and from all walks of life, so feel encouraged to join the relaxing atmosphere and make new friends.

In the words of Sydia, “stop and take a moment, it helps you reflect, get deep into thought, and have conversations among each other.” See you there in May!








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