Beyonce’s Lemonade x Roberto Cavalli’s F/W 2016 collection

Featured on TheUrbanRealist


Photo Courtesy of Tidal: Stills from the visual album

Needless to say the Lemonade visual album Beyonce released on Saturday came for our hearts and made major waves as the members of the Bey-hive (and non-members alike) sat immersed in the emotional roller coaster to applauded her artistry. Friends joined in unison to tune into HBO and celebrate the artistic goodness that Beyonce was serving. Visually striking images wrapped in emotion held us captive while she sung her pain, sorrow, and overcoming like a modern day Nina Simone; paying homage to the wonderful women that left their melodic legacies behind. More than just a story of overcoming infidelity, this was a profound display of creative artistry. Besides the cinematography, one of the most attributing factors to the Lemonade is the wardrobe. She donned looks from various prominent fashion houses like Hood by Air and Nicolas Jebran, with no look short of character. In one of the most epic moments of the video, Beyonce prances around a neighborhood street with a bat and a smile, smashing cars in her mustard yellow dress designed by Peter Dundas for the Roberto Cavalli F/W ’16 collection. The rich golden tones compliment her skin and brings out the brightness of that naughty grin she wears as she’s up to no good. Here’s more from the Roberto Cavalli F/W ’16 line that gives us bold color, mesmerizing textures, and a beautifully romantic fluidity of movement and prints. The flowing yellow-dress was definitely successful in enforcing the Lemonade theme thanks to her stylist Marni Senofonte who chose the look and paired the dress with Saint Laurent platform heels. Enjoy!

RC FW 16 RC FW 2

RC FW 15 RC FW 5

RC FW 8 RC FW 13RC FW 10 RC FW 12

RC FW 11 RC FW 4

Photos courtesy of NowFashion

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