The Legacy of Prince lives on thru Art

Featured on TheUrbanRealist

April 21st, 2016 was a sad day when news broke that Prince passed away, we just wanted to yell “Take Me With U!” Our hearts shattered as we recalled all the great moments in our lives that just so happened to have a Prince song playing in the background: weddings, proms, dates… When we think about the loss the world suffered, we can imagine that’s what it feels like When Doves Cry. Whether he was strumming a guitar or singing, Prince made us feel ways that can only be attributed to listening to his music, dying at the age of 57, he left us far too soon. There should be Purple Rain falling from the sky right about now since we lost a truly innovative creator that pushed himself to new heights time and time again and had hands in the success of so many others.  His style is unsurpassed and it’s a Sign O’ The Times to know we lost so many greats. Let’s face it, many of us were conceived to the soothing sounds of Prince’s voice- crooning in the background, nights that all started with a Kiss. We’re fortunate to have been along to watch him create his legacy in our lifetime; not to mention lay eyes on the prettiest man that we’d known to exist. Truly a legend, his legacy will live on and we’ll cherish the gems he left behind for forever and a day. One way artists are expressing their pain and immortalizing Prince is through Art. Check out these murals 3 different artists took to the streets to create.

If you didn’t know by now- like most Creatives- Chris Brown’s talent stretches beyond music and dance. He recently payed homage to Prince by creating this mural in the lobby of the Grammy Museum in LA on April 21st, 2016.



Chicago- artist Rahmaan Statik took it upon himself to use his supplies and create this mural on a building at 80th and Stony Island in Chicago to pay homage to the cover art of the Purple Rain album.


Photo courtesy of CBS Chicago

Artist Graham Hoete- whose alias is Mr.G- is responsible for this work of art he did in Sydney which was well-received for the obvious reasons. See more on Instagram and you can also find more of his work on his website.


Photo courtesy of Mr. G

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