5 Tips on Finding your Personal Style | Part I |

Jacob Nizierski

Cover Photo by Tina Floersch | Photo by Jacob Nizierski

Featured on TheUrbanRealist

What better a time to make a plan for your life and get yourself together than now? If that sounds a little ambitious… you’re right- so let’s just start by cleaning out your closet and looking the part, until all the other pieces fall into place. Deal?

Owning and defining your personal style can do a number on your confidence and articulating a vision of yourself to the world, without begging to be understood. Here’s the first part to a mini-series on developing and owning your own personal style. Before you pull everything out and sit in the middle of your clothes pile, use this as a game plan to divide and conquer the first part of finding your personal style- Cleaning out your closet.

1. Separate clothes into different piles. Clutter is the natural enemy when trying to piece together a cohesive look. If you’re anything like me, if you can’t see what you have, it’s likely you’ll forget about it. The key here is letting go of the pieces of clothing and accessories that don’t move you- keep only things you absolutely love; out with the old to make room for the new you.

2. Get rid of ill-fitting clothing.  The most important part about developing your personal style is knowing what works for your body-type and what doesn’t. When you figure it out- stick to it. Get rid of the garments that don’t accentuate the best parts of you or that you don’t feel comfortable in. Also, don’t hold on to a pile of clothes in hopes that you’ll fit in them one day because by then, your style may evolve even more and you’ll deserve to treat yourself to a new wardrobe.

3. Give away old shoes. A major space-killer, shoes tend to slip by unnoticed when it comes to cleaning out your closet. Remember those shoes you wore once and had to recover from those blisters for a week? Chances are you won’t torture yourself like that again- lesson learned. Give those pups up and keep that in mind the next time you make a shoe purchase.

4. Reinvent your vision for your clothes. Rethink the way you’ve been wearing whatcha got and mix and match in ways you never thought possible. With fewer options in your closet now, it will naturally cause you to be more creative. Mix and match sweaters and skirts. Go for the skirt over a dress look you always wanted to try. Do more with less.

5. Get rid of clothes with rips/ holes/ worn patches. If you haven’t fixed it by now, the chances are slim-to-none that you ever will- and that’s ok. Give it up so someone willing to make those alterations can cherish it as much as you once did.

Don’t be afraid to let go of the old to welcome the new; if you’re not sure about an item- donate it.  There are plenty of people that would love the things you gave up for years to come and you’ll be more refined in defining your personal style. Live only with what you truly love.

Stay tuned for Part II on “The Guide to Finding your Personal Style”.

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