3 Spots to Get Your Bubble Tea Fix in Atlanta

Featured on TheUrbanRealist

If you aren’t yet acquainted with the magic of Bubble tea (or Boba tea), these 3 places in Atlanta can show you how it’s done. The magic is in the process itself- brewing, combining, and creating seemingly endless flavors; not to mention it’s like a food and beverage all in one, that’s filling and appropriate year- round. With the base of a tea shaken with fruit or milk (hence the “Bubbles” that are created) chewy tapioca balls or fruit jellies like Aloe or Lychee jellies are added and sit at the bottom to give it the distinct Bubble Tea look. There is also an option to have this drink mixture as a slushy- inviting for the warmer summer months. These locations provide a little something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a low-key hideout to eat noodles and study in or a place to meet your friends and creatively brainstorm.

1. HoneyBubble

If you’re riding down Ponce De Leon, it’s hard to miss the sign that says “The Very First HoneyBubble on Earth.” This dainty, atmospheric space is the kind of specialty, small business that makes tourists feel like locals. Built with a free meeting area in the back, the artsy space is inviting to draw or write on the chalkboard that fills the back wall. Baked goods like banana bread, red velvet cupcakes, and Parisian style macaroons are delivered from Atlanta Cupcake Factory and Alon’s. If you’re an artist looking for refuge from Ponce city market refuge, this is a great place to go.

Try: Coconut palm milk tea with lactose free milk and aloe vera

Honey Bubble

2. East Wave Asian Fusion

If you’re a Georgia State student, East Wave Fusion is definitely a go-to for your mid-day Bubble- tea needs. The best part about East Wave Fusion is their full menu that fuse tastes from Asian Cuisine and Creole Style Cuisine. A clean contemporary feel, you can appeal to a few of your sense at the same time here. This is also a great place to frequent if you work downtown and like to take lunch break strolls.

Try: Japanese match green tea with soy milk and Boba 

East Wave Fusion

3. Bubble Café

Quite with moody lighting, this makes Bubble Cafe an ideal place to study, get some work done, or clear your head while drinking your Bubble tea. There’s also a sizable sitting area so your friends will be in no rush when you meet-up here. They have a baked goods that are tempting and authentic Asian snacks for sale. Best part about the tea here for me is that hey offer it warm or cold.

Try: Warm Japanese Matcha with Lychee AND Boba 


Taiwan was onto something back in the 1980’s when they invented Boba tea. It’s a great alternative if you’re trying to nix your coffee habit and there are decaf options for the tea base as well. The concoctions are seemingly endless, it’s a great way to express your personal palette in a drink.

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