The Fendi Fall 2016 Couture show just made history

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Image courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar

There’s so much to savor from the Fendi Fall 2016 Couture collection. Flipping through the pages of a storybook, we fell on the enchantingly beautiful moment in fashion history, set in Rome in front of the beautifully flowing Trevi Fountain, where the models seemed to walk on water.  Karl Lagerfeld has a knack for inducing an appreciation for the practicality of womens-wear with the edge of a city-girl; but here, Lagerfeld delivers the magic of soft, femininity that women possess, yet still delivering a narrative that extends beyond a life of domesticity. The romantic collection features intricate details that call to us, asking us to indulge in the experience of fine details, texture, and colors that come together to create a story of their own in each garment. With sheer elements, chic fur coats, and vivid colors, this collection will be burned in your memory for years to come. Paying homage to Mother Nature, the collection seems to narrate 46 looks of a goddess ranging from moonlight glam all the way to the easiness of sunrise, while the forest experiences the season of Fall. A reoccurring image of a fairy with bell sleeves in a garden of tulips can be seen throughout the collection, alongside other- just as ethereal- mythical figures, and scenic settings that look like fine art draped around the models. Not to mention, the boots are the perfect amount of sporty and sleek to not take anything away from the garments and versatile enough that you’ll want to invest in these just so you can wear them with pretty much everything. The champion of this show is definitely the drool- worthy details, which we could pour over all day, but why not take a look for yourself.

IMG_0043 IMG_0052IMG_0060 IMG_0077 IMG_0123 IMG_0156 IMG_0168 IMG_0181 IMG_0302 IMG_0402 IMG_0433 IMG_0459 IMG_0480 IMG_0513 IMG_0622 IMG_0636 IMG_0653 IMG_0686 IMG_0710 IMG_0730 IMG_0756 IMG_0780

IMG_0803 IMG_0019

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