Originally published on TheUrbanRealist

It’s happened to most of us before- we go on a beautiful, long, fulfilling vacation and return to the comfort of home; when suddenly we remember we own plants- many many plants- that we peer over to in horror, seeing what’s left of them. Even if you have a green thumb, the level of care-taking required for plants can compete with your priorities if you don’t have plants that can self-sustain in the midst…life. Here are 5 plants that won’t have you wondering if responsibility is really your thing.

  1. Snakeplant: Besides the cool banding on the leaves, this plant is a favorite of many because it really only needs to be watered every now again. Not to mention there is no pruning required because of its tall, straight, sturdy leaves and little grown. Place these in your bedroom because according to NASA, while you’re busy sleeping, the Snake Plant is converts CO2 to oxygen at night.snakeplantflower
  2. Cactus: These babies need well-draining soil to keep their resilient nature. Best practice is to use mostly peat moss and sand in addition to soil to mimic its natural habitat. Definitely one for the windowsill, the Cactus wants to soak up the sun and get a good bit of humidity. Keep your plant happy by watering it once a month and keeping water from sitting on the body of the plant as to not encourage rotting.A photo by Oliver Pacas. unsplash.com/photos/tZrrWkQT9MM
  3. Madagascar Dragon Tree: The perfect plant to have surrounding your window, this species of the Dracaena plant enjoys bright, indirect sunlight but can withstand low light and low humidity. The Madagascar Dragon Tree and variations of the Dracaena sport strappy leaves and make wonderful house plants. These forgiving plants respond quickly to proper care, even after periods of neglect. Do your best to keep the soil moist for them, as they thrive best in these conditions.dragontree
  4. Bamboo palm: The Bamboo palm is quite attractive with its full, leafy foliage. This plant, like all other palms, relishes in high humidity. But unlike other palms, doesn’t require bright in direct light. The Bamboo palm is a champion of low light. These plants can grow up to 6 feet tall and have an amazing presence in your home.lg_0258_bamboo_palm_06
  5. Peace Lily:  The Peace Lily loves shade and indirect sunlight as much as we do at the peak of summer. There’s little guessing with this plant, as it droops when it needs a good watering- what more could you ask for? Truly ideal for those that don’t get much natural sunlight in, but still want the company of beautiful plants.modern-plants

Most importantly, all of these plants do their part in removing Formaldehyde (which many of our household products are treated with, from facial tissue to paper towels) and Bezene (found in paint and plastics,) among other harmful chemicals. Nurturing plants are good for the soul and increasing oxygen levels in your humble abode. If you’re a beginner, or a certified green thumb, consider adding one of these non-fussy plants to your living space for a win-win situation.

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