We live in a day and age where artists can receive the respect and notoriety they deserve while they’re still alive. Kimmy Ducasse has an aim to make that happen, by sharing the story of Millennials dedicated to doing what they love and creating experiences ideal for artists to expand their reach and continue to pump art into the veins of the city. She is currently a contributor to a popular lifestyle magazine geared towards Millennials in their quarter- life crisis: TheUrbanRealist. This page features all of her published work.

Kimmy was Born in Brooklyn, NY, then moved to Miami, FL where she grew up, until she was uprooted to ATL at the age of 17, where she now calls home. Her Haitian roots strongly influence her love of color and relaxing near a legit body of water. When she’s not biking around the city on her single speed, she’s finding treasure in a thrift store. Since her days studying Fashion at the Art Institute of Atlanta, she’s since picked up Interior Design, but has always been drawn to creative expression in Journalism. To sum it up, if it’s artsy- she’s in.

Her mission is dedicated to the eclectics- with beautiful souls, creative thirst, and wanderlust- filled hearts. Showcasing a collection of the beautiful things in life, she shares her experiences curated through her focus on culture, art, and creative lifestyles of the inspiring people she meets. Her favorite piece of advice? Your dreams are too beautiful to let live and die inside of you. Check her out on Instagram and say Hi! @insanevanitykd